Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, in memory of....

Today is one of the saddest\happiest days in our lives. Its hard to believe we now greive on a day that we used to celebrate as one of the best days of the year and used to bring so much happiness. Today, Mike, Farren's dad, would have been 34 years old. And god given, it would have been our 8 year anniversary. It saddens me to know that my daughter is in so much pain on this day and that she only got 8, almost 9 short years with him. That could never be long enough. He is forever in our hearts and in our thoughts. We try to talk about him often. And there are so many traits in her that are a spitting image of him. Its crazy how much she is like him without his influence being here in person. I miss and think of his family often on this day, and thank god that I still have a relationship with them. They will forever be the only people I think will understand the feelings that come with this day. I hope Mike understands how much he was loved, and how much is truly missed here on this earth. What I wouldn't give to be able to call him and have him make me laugh.
Happy Birthday Mike!

 Love this picture, and how much they loved each other.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Keagans 4 year check up!

Can't believe my little stinker turned 4 already. I just realized that I never posted her check up info, so better late then never right? Anywho, she did amazing at the doctor, I was so proud of her. They had a Kinect in the waiting room, so she was able to play "Kinect Adventures" while we were waiting. Once back they weighed her in at 34 pounds and she was 39.5 inches tall. =) She is perfectly proportionate according to Dr. Yee. She did have to get 5 shots. =( But she took them like a champ and only shed a brief tear while they were giving them to her. Afterwards, she gladly took her sucker, (and one for bubba), and we were on our way. Later, she decided that she deserved Bubba's sucker since she several 'boo-boo's" on her legs. So, she had two suckers for the day. I still can't believe my little stinker has grown up so much!
And a little flash back to when my stinker was a baby. =)
Isn't she a cutie??

Some Fun stuff....

Some fun cakes and cake balls we made this weekend. These both turned out so cute!!
Just thought I would share!

Hope everyone had a good valentines day!