Thursday, July 26, 2012


We have been running around like crazy and seemed to be booked every weekend with SOMETHING. Which means, less time to keep up with my blog. :(
We are all doing good. This weekend is going to be Deakon's 3rd birthday and birthday party. I can't believe my little guy is going to be 3! This guy is such a handful, and I honestly feel sorry for whoever gets him in his kindergarten class. :) He loves loves loves to test the limits, and can't wait for you to look away so he can get in to something, or climb on something, or jump off something. Not sure if all little boys are like this, but mine sure is! Nothing like his sweet sisters, but he is still a sweet momma's boy when he wants to be. And I love that!

Last weekend we had Sharies Bachelorette Party. Lots of fun! I picked up her and a few other girls and we headed to the Gaylord at 3, checked in our room and then headed to Paradise Springs. Paradise Springs is the water park at the Gaylord, and that place is pretty cool. We floated the lazy river land the girls had a few buckets of beer before we headed back to the room to shower and get ready. Once we were ready, we headed down to Texan Station for dinner and drinks and to meet the rest of the group. From there, we took a shuttle to the Glass Cactus, which was fun in itself! I could rode the shuttle all night long!  It was  good time, and I think Sharie had a good time too. She was able to get on stage with Le Freak and dance. I do think she was payinf for it come Sunday though. :)

Anyway, thought I would share a few pics from recently.
 For somre reason, when i want them to say cheese, they are tempted to lean there head back! LOL
 My little man be his preppy little self, minus the hat he had on. :)
 Sissy went out of town to the coast with Grannie and Pop Pop, so Bubba decided he needed a pink cart because that is what sissy would want! Silly boy!
 My little guys heading off for the day!

Some of the girls for the bachelorette party!
 Riding the bus to the Glass Cactus! Yes, you can drink on the shuttle!
 Me and the Bride to be!

My dress for the wedding. :)

 And another group shot! The big day will be here for these guys before you know it. Finally getting married after 16 years!!! Sheesh!!!

Hope everyone is having fabulous week and has a fabulous weekend!