Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Man I am horrible at keeping up with this. We stay so busy that I feel like i don't have much time for anything. I am hoping to get on my computer at home and download pics. Heres what we have been up to:

-We had Farren's birthday party last month.
- Deakons' birthday last weekend.
-We bought a boat, so we have been on the lake non stop.
-We have laid new floors in our house, new wood floors at the in laws house.
-We have been bowling twice.
-We have been to two concerts, and about to go to another.
-We have the Cats game tonight.
- Six Flags in two weeks.
-And school clothes shopping for TWO kids this year and getting school supplies.

Needless to say we have been busy and having a nice little summer. I need to get some full post in, but wanted to note what is going on with us right now, so that i have a record. Hope everyone is enjoying there summer too!