Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Such a bad blogger.....

Whats going on with us? I swear I love to blog, but everyday life seems to keep me so busy I tend to forget about it. I'm lucky to be able to stay up till 10! Ha! I am pretty sure you should be classified as being old once you hit 30, because I swear I am older than I have ever been. :)  Everyone in our house is doing pretty good. Deakon is finally healing up good from his nasty jump off the bed. He is going to have a pretty bad scar since they weren't able to get as many stitches in his head as they needed to. But, we are putting lots of vitamin E and lots of neosporin trying to minimize it as much as possible. He is really growing up on  a momma, and he is such a mommy's boy. I absolutely love it. He is so different from girls. Well, they are all different from each other, but the boy and girl aspect is definitely different. Keagan is doing well too, still playing dress up every day. Needless to say, I am buying more dresses and heels for her for christmas.  They both went to the dentist last week to have there teeth cleaned and absolutely loved it! As soon as they finished cleaning Deakon's teeth, he asked if they could do it again. Keagan just giggled up a storm while they were working on hers. I am so glad that they love there dentist, it makes those appointments so much easier! They also both had there check up. And although Deakon is about 2 inches shorter then Keagan, he is weighing in about 2 pounds more then her. She was 41 inches tall and 37 pounds and he weighed in at 39 pounds and was 39 inches tall. He is my husky little boy. And Keagan is definitely petite.
Outside of that, they are doing well. They love to practice there ABC's and count there numbers. I bought flash cards so we can work on putting letters and numbers together. They are both going to gymnastics on mondays and they absolutely love it. Keagan is starting a dance class this week, and Deakon should be starting a karate class soon. I love theat they are finally getting old enough to do fun things! Its even more fun to watch them. I think it teaches them good discipline, because bubba definitely needs it. The gymnastic teacher makes sure to keep him focused and does a great job at it. I'm not sure if all little boys are this way, but his attention span is ZERO! Keagan can hang out all day long, but Deakon is different story!
Farren is doing good too. I don't have any height or weight to report on her, and if i did, she would probably kill me. :) She is doing really in school, she got all A's and B's, 5 of those classes are a\p classes so they will have 10 points added on for GPA purposes, so technically they are all A's. My smart little cookie! She is also is softball offseason, I am so anxious for the softball season to actually start. Although I am not anxious to sit out in the cold. Farren has also been helping me cook a lot, and seems to really enjoy it. She also was on the new Black Ops band wagon, and picked up her game at midnight this past monday night. And played ALLLL night Tuesday. She even tried to claim she had the "black ops flu"! lol....To bad she has a mean momma that made her go to school. :) I took them a couple weeks ago and had some pictures made, they turned out really cute. I love all my babies and feel so blessed to be able to be their momma. I could not imagine my life without having them in it. Now if we can just decide if we are done. :) 3 Healthy babies is great, but I sure wouldn't mind snuggling with a little baby. Good thing my sister in law just had my new neice!!!!! :)