Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8 months...

Look o' look at my little guy. He is getting SOOOOO big! We are already at 8 months. We are closer to a year then we are to his birth. Which just seems so hard to imagine. It just seems to go by faster and faster. Boooo......=( Deakon is such a little busy body these days! I mean he is EVERYWHERE! He started doing a worm type crawl at 7 months and he has perfected this to a speeding crawl and can get anywhere he wants in a jif. He is pulling up to a standing position on his toys, Keagans potty, the couch, anything on the ground really. He loves his juice and holding his bottle, and he loves his food and feeding himself. Anything you have, he wants. We have slowly been giving him table foods that are soft and he loves them. He is eating 2-3 stage 2 foods a day, and has cereal in the morning. He is in size 2 diapers still, and wearing 6-9 month clothing. He does have a good size foot though, must take after his daddy. =) He is already wearing a size 3 shoe. Keagan is still in a 4, and can fit some 5's. He loves loves loves his big sister and watches and follows her all day. She likes to give him hugs and kisses and play chase with him. Its really cute. He is absolutely fascinated with Keagan's potty and as soon as you put him down, will make a v-line for it. Maybe he will be easy to potty train too. =) We have been able to pull some of Keagan's old toys out that he can play with now, and he is loving it. His favorite is still his bouncy jumper toy. We have started trying to use a sippy cup, and he just isn't to crazy about it yet. Hopefully soon though. Deakon STILL does not sleep through the night, but he is sleeping longer intervals of time. He is usually ready for bed no later than 8, and will wake to eat usually around 2, and then 6, and then is usually up for the day between 7 and 8. Hopefully, he will start sleeping through the night by the time he is 1.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Gosh, I guess its almost time for this momma to start thinking about his 1st birthday. baby, my last baby, is already growing up on me. TEAR...=(
Happy 8 months Baby D!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

2 weeks...Please???

Both of my babies were sick again over the week. I had to take Deakon to Care Now last Sunday because he was running fever, would NOT eat, and was just plain miserable. He just cried and cried no matter what we did. Poor baby had another ear infection, (I just had his rechecked 9 days before, how do these things hit so quickly?), and upper respiratory infection, and STREP throat!! I felt horrible for him, no wonder he didn't want to eat. The gave him a 3 day z pack, and he is on the mend. Although, we did have to go back to the doctor for some cough\congestion medicine. Poor thing. =( The next day, Monday, Keagan woke up running a 102 fever. I figured I better go ahead and get her to the doctor too. She too had an upper respiratory infection. She is still a little stuffy, but feeling much better as well. I don't remember the last time I went 2 weeks without going to the doctor for someone in my family. I just want 2 weeks of semi-health for my family and NO doctor appointments!! Is it really that much to ask???????

UPDATE: Mommy has it now. =(

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deakons [Before\After]

I had a couple people ask me what exactly Deakon had surgery on his ear for, so I thought I would post some pictures of what we had removed. The doctor suggested that we have them removed before they had the ability to grow larger. Mommy likes to think of them as his little beauty marks, they kind of gave him his personality. I was a litte sad to see them go. They were after all a part of him. I actually almost walked out of the hospital the morning of surgery when the anesthesiologist advised of the "risks" that may come along with the anesthesia. One of those risks being death. Ummmm.......OK! I looked at Chris and said, "Is it really worth the risk?" And he smiled and reassured me that it would be fine, he was a "Stuart" and that he was built to handle these things. Ha! Thanks for the reassurance babe. Much appreciated. Anyways, surgery went well and he woke up like a champ and was ready to go. Anyway, he is doing wonderful since and heaing very nicely. =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun in the sun [Keagan]

These were taken last weekend, when it was actually nice and "spring" like weather. Keagan absolutely loves to be outside, to play and explore. I love that the weather is slowly getting to be warm enought to spend our days outside, although it is usually snowing the following day. Damn Texas weather! Oh well, at least it was nice for one day. =)

***************** *****************
We love warm weather! Please come and stay for a while!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Zoo! (Record Setting Day)

We managed to make it to the Zoo over spring break, on the ABSOLUTE busiest day EVER! Luckily, we got there shortly after it opened so my wait was not to terribly bad. However, my sister in law got there 30 minutes after me and had to park on the OTHER side of the colonial, and did not get in the park until almost 2 hours after we did. By that time, my 6 kids were ready to go. They had had enough elbows, people cutting in front of them, not being able see the animals becuase of the mass of people, not to mention trying to push a single stroller and a double stroller around in the madness. I'm just thankful we were able to see what we did before the "record" setting number set in. Guess we can say we were a part of setting a new record.
Mental Note: Do NOT go to the zoo on Half Price Wednesday, when it is Spring Break AND Saint Patricks Day. Triple Whammy......

Sweetest Girls ever!

This is what I woke up to the day we were to take my neice and nephew home. They spent the majority of spring break with us and we just LOVE having them with us. I'm so glad that Farren gets along with them so well. This note was from Farren and my niece, Saige. They were up until 3:30 in the morning working on this! How freakin sweet is that!! And "Bucky" is what they call my nephew, Austin. =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weight update....

I haven't updated on weight in a while, so I figured it was time. I am now down 32 pounds. Which I am very happy about, but still have more to lose. I am hoping to knock off another 9 pounds by Chris's birthday, April 4th. Hopefully I will be able to reach my goal!!

The more goals I meet the easier it is to stay motivated!!!
And congrats to my fellow blogger friend Brooke! She has been dieting as well, and hit the 30 pound mark! Woooooohooooo!!!!

Stephenville [March 2010]

This past weekend, we went to spend the weekend with Chris's brother and our sister in law. I love going to there house. Its almost like a mini vacation. They live out in the country where it is very peaceful and phone doesn't work. =) Also, my niece and nephew are such a joy to be around. Chris needed to wire the electricity for a room that they added on to there house. So, any excuse we find we head out there and make a weekend out of it. And all of our kids absolutely love to go here! Keagan just loves here Uncle JD, and Farren loves to hang out with Austin and Saige. Thank you Uncle JD and Aunt Steph for having us over!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby D update...

Deakon had his surgery on his ear on thursday. We had to be at the hospital at 8:30, and surgery was scheduled for 10. We ran into Miss Vanessa on our way up, what a nice suprise! Deakon wasn't allowed to have any milk after 2:30, and he actually tolerated this pretty well. He fussed a couple of times throughout the morning and "attacked" his paci as if it were going to give him something out of the nipple. But, as long as we kept him occupied, he seemed ok. The surgery before us ran a little late, so they did take D back until about 11. They gave him a banana flavored gas mask to knock him out, hooked his iv up, and then were able to start surgery. After the surgery was done, we had to wait for him to wake up to be able to see him. He did really well! He woke up and sucked down 6 ounces of apple juice watered down. Poor baby was starving! We only had to wait about 20 minutes to be able to leave after that, because the nurse said he was doing so well and met all the criteria for leaving. Good job baby D! He got 7 little stitches, that are dissolvable, so we won't have to have them taken out. He ended up taking a really long nap after we left the hospital. He woke up and we were able to feed him some half-strength formula to make sure his tummy could tolerate it from the anesthesia. He did wonderfully and sucked down a second bottle at normal strength. Anyway, his stitches look really good and I am pleased with the job the surgeon did. We go back to see his plastic surgeon for a follow up on tuesday.

Friday, my poor baby had to go in to see his regular doctor for his 6 month shots!! Alot in two days I know! But, he was already behind and I didn't want to wait any longer. Plus, I asked both doctors before hand when I realized how close they were scheduled and they said it would be fine. Why were we so late? Well, he had an ear infection at 6 months, so they couldn't do them then. Then when we went back to have them done, ALL of the immunizations were lost in the snow storm. They lost electricity in the office, and the immunizations went without being refrigerated for too long. So, friday is when we were scheduled to go back. His legs were REALLY sore from these shots. He could not jump without crying, and screamed bloody murder any time I tried to massage his little legs. I felt so bad! But, tylenol and motrin seemed to help and he was back to normal saturday morning!!

My poor baby has been throught so much in the last few days! Hopefully he will get a break for a little while!

SIDE NOTE: Baby D is rocking on all fours and scooting around! I am just patiently waiting for him to start "real" crawling!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

[New Fave's]

Penicillin Reaction

This is what happens to baby "D" when he has any sort of penicillin. Poor little guy, this is a couple of days in, so it actually looks better. We are several days out now and we are pretty much back to normal. On a better note, his ears looked good, which is what he was on the medicine for in the first place. "D" has surgery on thursday at Cooks. I'm a little nervous, but I am certain everything will go smoothly. Friday we go back to double check the ear infection didn't come back since he is off the meds, and to get shots, since he has been sick since he was suppose to have them. We have a pretty busy week!!!