Friday, April 13, 2012

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that....

So, this has been a pretty busy week. I started physical therapy for my knee on Monday and will have to go twice a week for now. Boy is it going to be rough stretching that thing back out and getting to using it like my other leg. You never realize how much you take a leg for granted until you don't have one, ha! Anyways, then I had my sisters final fitting for her wedding dress on Tuesday. She is going to look amazing!!!! I can't wait for next week for her bridal portraits to see how beautiful she looks with everything together.  Wednesday we had steaks and cleaned around the house. Thursday I went to the Ranger game with my work for a team building event! I love my company, they are the best place to work for! Thursday night worked on a cake and cake balls for work on Friday. And tonight, my sister in law is coming over to work on up do's for my hair for my sisters wedding. Hopefully, I will get some laundry in some time this weekend, because my clean pile is getting a little out of control!!! I am super stoked, as of today its only 19 more days until my sisters wedding. I am so happy for her and her husaband "to be". I love both of you guys so much!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. I really need to get some easter pics up. Maybe i can squeeze that in this weekend too. We will see. =)

Anyways, a few pics from the week.
Watermelon Cake balls. Strawberry cake with chocolate chips mixed in for the seeds. Dipped in white chocolate and then green chocolate so they look like little watermelons. =)

My new drink, ZERO carbs and ZERO calories. =)
Cake for my boss's surprise bridal shower at work!
And me and some of my favorite girls at the Ranger Game!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Love my seeester!!!

With my sisters wedding day fast approaching, it was time for us to do the bridal shower! One of my favorite things to do is plan parties, an this one was no different. We rented out a party room at Oscars off of Denton Highway. This saved me the stress of having to make sure every crevice of my house was clean, and allowed me to focus solely on the shower. Her colors are lilac and a darker purple. And the shower was the same! I swear it looked like someone threw up purple in my car! I was very pleased with how everything turned out that I made, and came together. We had an awesome turn out and lots of games and prizes! It was a wonderful time with friends and family. I can NOT wait for the big day to get here, and could NOT be happier for my sister!!!
Congrats Auntie and Jeff!
Here are a few pics from the shower!

Fun Fun Fun!!