Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Keagan!!!

Someone is turning the big 5 today!!!
It is hard to believe Keagan is already 5 years old. She is such sweet, kind hearted child. I absolutely adore her perspective on life. I don't think I could have asked for a  sweeter baby or child. She is always smiling, always looking to help, constantly reminding you she loves you, and giving you kisses, and always wants to snuggle. I love my sweet baby girl! I can't imagine not having her in my life and can't wait to celebrate a big Hello Kitty birthday party with her!!!
Happy Birthday sweet sweet girl, mommy loves you so much!!!!
Mommys baby girl then.....
And now.....
She is the sweetest thing to this mommy. I love you baby girl!!!

Poor baby girl....

Well, we have had a rather eventful week. I was off starting last Wednesday, the 19th and thought I would be able to get caught up on house chores and get everything ready for Keagan's 5th birthday party. Sunday, we were to have Christmas with Chris's family. While there, Keagan was playing chase wiht her brother and cousins and fell on her elbow. Deakon came running inside telling me that she broke her elbow!!! She came in, not crying, so I thought for sure there was no way. She just kept saying "Owwww". Poor baby. I decided to go ahead and taker her to the minor ER and have an Xray done. She had a long sleeve shirt on, and didn't want anyone to mess with it much, but, as soon as I got her shirt up, you could tell that it was not normal. :( The doctor from the minor ER said it was definitely broke. Its a supracondylar break. The part of the humerous that makes up your elbow. And advised that he would have to transfer us down to Cooks because more then likely it would need surgery. Poor baby!!! She was such a trooper the whole time!! They did give her a little pain medicine here to help with the pain. Once we got to Cooks, they got her right in and in a room and started to prep her and advisd that she would have to have surgery. They would be putting 2 pins in to reset the bone and then casting it with a split cast to allow room for swelling. Surgery was only about an hour and they said she did fabulous! They said she must have a really high pain tolerance. I don't think the little turkey shed a single tear. They did give her morphine at Cooks and boy was she a little Chatty Cathy. :)
So, we got to go home on late late Sunday, and woke up Christmas Eve to a fever! Ugghhh. Poor baby girl just can't catch a break. We stayed home most of the day and then ventured over to my sisters for our annual christmas eve get together were we bake and play games and wait for christmas morning. Well, Keagans fever just kept rising. We tried everything we could think of to accomodate her and her fever, and the poor thing was just miserable. Finally, we caved around 1 in the morning and went back to the minor ER. They did a flu test and told us it takes 15 minutes. He was back 5 minutes later saying that it was already positive. The doctor went ahead and wrote me and my parents scripts too and put refills on them for anyone else we have been around. And off back to the house we went. Thank you so much for my parents and family! Because, there is no way i would of made it through that night without them. Sure enough, i woke up feeling like i was hit by a truck. Luckily, my awesome step dad ran around till 4 in the morning getting all the scripts filled and finding pharmacies that were 1) open and 2) had the tamiflu. So, i started on mine right away. We left my sistes and got home since we were not going to be able to enjoy any Christmas festivies. My father in law came over to play doctor and stayed with us till yesterday to get us better. Bless his heart! I sure have an amazing family, to put themselves in harms way of getting sick to take care of us. Hopefully, we are all on the mend and getting better. Because, we have a big big party to throw for a 5 year old. :)
Hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas and has an even better new year!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Not much going on in our world this last week besides sick kids! Yay! *Insert Sarcasm* Both my little guys have been under the weather, the snotty, sneezy, coughing stuff and running a little bit of fever. I have been giving them antibiotics and pedicare for cough and cold. They finally seem to be doing better, and now Farren has it too. She started feeling bad this weekend and on monday, while running bleachers feel and hit her collarbone. I am thinking her equilibrium was off from the congestoin in her head. We took her to the doctor yesterday, and luckily nothing is broken, but her collarbone was seperated. Ouch! So, she is out of commision for a bit. Luckily, their season doesn't start until February. Hopefully, we are going to get everyone better this week before the weekend gets her. My work christmas party is saturday and I am really looking forward to it. It is at a Haunted Mansion this year and should be fun. :) Can't wait to get dressed up fun! This years attire is cocktail dresses. Fun! I am pretty excited to get a night out, I don't see those often these days. Chris is out in Abilene, so Farren is going to be my date. I can't wait to dress her up in a dress. Which happens even less then me getting out. Anyways, just wanted to update myself on what was going on right now. Hope everyone is having a great week. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Such a bad blogger.....

Whats going on with us? I swear I love to blog, but everyday life seems to keep me so busy I tend to forget about it. I'm lucky to be able to stay up till 10! Ha! I am pretty sure you should be classified as being old once you hit 30, because I swear I am older than I have ever been. :)  Everyone in our house is doing pretty good. Deakon is finally healing up good from his nasty jump off the bed. He is going to have a pretty bad scar since they weren't able to get as many stitches in his head as they needed to. But, we are putting lots of vitamin E and lots of neosporin trying to minimize it as much as possible. He is really growing up on  a momma, and he is such a mommy's boy. I absolutely love it. He is so different from girls. Well, they are all different from each other, but the boy and girl aspect is definitely different. Keagan is doing well too, still playing dress up every day. Needless to say, I am buying more dresses and heels for her for christmas.  They both went to the dentist last week to have there teeth cleaned and absolutely loved it! As soon as they finished cleaning Deakon's teeth, he asked if they could do it again. Keagan just giggled up a storm while they were working on hers. I am so glad that they love there dentist, it makes those appointments so much easier! They also both had there check up. And although Deakon is about 2 inches shorter then Keagan, he is weighing in about 2 pounds more then her. She was 41 inches tall and 37 pounds and he weighed in at 39 pounds and was 39 inches tall. He is my husky little boy. And Keagan is definitely petite.
Outside of that, they are doing well. They love to practice there ABC's and count there numbers. I bought flash cards so we can work on putting letters and numbers together. They are both going to gymnastics on mondays and they absolutely love it. Keagan is starting a dance class this week, and Deakon should be starting a karate class soon. I love theat they are finally getting old enough to do fun things! Its even more fun to watch them. I think it teaches them good discipline, because bubba definitely needs it. The gymnastic teacher makes sure to keep him focused and does a great job at it. I'm not sure if all little boys are this way, but his attention span is ZERO! Keagan can hang out all day long, but Deakon is different story!
Farren is doing good too. I don't have any height or weight to report on her, and if i did, she would probably kill me. :) She is doing really in school, she got all A's and B's, 5 of those classes are a\p classes so they will have 10 points added on for GPA purposes, so technically they are all A's. My smart little cookie! She is also is softball offseason, I am so anxious for the softball season to actually start. Although I am not anxious to sit out in the cold. Farren has also been helping me cook a lot, and seems to really enjoy it. She also was on the new Black Ops band wagon, and picked up her game at midnight this past monday night. And played ALLLL night Tuesday. She even tried to claim she had the "black ops flu"! lol....To bad she has a mean momma that made her go to school. :) I took them a couple weeks ago and had some pictures made, they turned out really cute. I love all my babies and feel so blessed to be able to be their momma. I could not imagine my life without having them in it. Now if we can just decide if we are done. :) 3 Healthy babies is great, but I sure wouldn't mind snuggling with a little baby. Good thing my sister in law just had my new neice!!!!! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yard makeover....

Woah.....did it need it! With Chris gone out of town, and me working and handling everything on my own, i have been neglecting my yard. i decided it was time for an update. It looks so much better! I am very happy with the results of my hard work. It was a hot sob, but it was well worth it!!

So So So much better! Now i just need to get my backyard projects done!!! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This week, the little guys got to start gymnastics. Both of them! I have been wanting to get them into something, but something that they both can do and enjoy. So, we decided on gymnastics. Along with there cousin, Aumora. They started on Monday, and they absolutely LOVED it. Deakon loved it so much he cried and didn't want to leave. Its so hard to explain to a toddler they get to come back next week and them understand what you mean. :)
Little stinkers! Love all my babies!

First big boo boo....

Bubba got his big first boo boo. They were watching cartoons in mommy and daddy's bed which they love to do. He went to jump off the foot of the bed to the floor and went to far. Hit the dresser and split his head open right between his little eyes. After about 5 minutes of sheer panic and terror, I got him loaded in the car only to not know where my keys were. Farren found my keys and when i got my car started, I realized I had no clue where my purse was!?!?!? Holy bajesus, one frazzled momma. Luckily, Farren was on her way out of the house with it. Thank goodness. :) Anyway, we got the ER and they took us straight back once they saw the bloody mess the two of us were. They were able to get him cleaned up and numbed up fine, but when it came time for the stitches, he was having no part of that. Finally, after 5 of us holding him down, and about 30 minutes, the doctor was able to get 2 stitches in. Which neither were tight enough. They contemplated sending us downtown to sedate him and put more in. But, I was not comfortable with sedating him. Anywho, I'm hoping the scar isn't TOO bad. We shall see. He seems to be doing just fine and is still acting like his normal maniac self. :0 Love that little guy!!!
Before clean up....
 After clean up....
 After stitches....
 WAS mommy's new work shirt.....
Hope you are all having a great week!!

Friday, August 31, 2012


Seems like we are always busy and don't have time for anything. :) Especially blogging, which i really would like to keep up with more! Just our daily routine seems to be exhausting sometimes. There is so much and so many things to do between myself and three kids.  Anywho, we went to the Cats game recently, it ended up getting cancelled because it rained and the field was to wet. Boo!!! But, that just means we will be able to go back again. The kids absolutely loved being at the "big" field. They thought it wasn't the coolest thing in the world. My company had food and a picnic in the park before the game, and that was alot of fun too.
I love that i have a little boy that can wear hats. I think it is too stinking cute! Notice Farren is wearing a hat too in the background. :) Keagan is WAY to girly for that. I love that I have both sides.
This week was also the first day of school for Farren. I can't believe she is a sophmore in High school and how much she has grown up! It blows my mind. :( So far, she seems to be liking her classes, but working out last period is kicking her butt. I keep telling her thats what she gets for being lazy all summer long. :) Heres a picture of her and Paige on the first day. I'm still not sure i like this hair color thing. Too crazy for me. At least its only temporary right?!?!?!
Anywho, my sister is also redoing my moms shop for her. Since she is off on fridays she goes up there while my kids are there with my mom to work. I got this cute little picture of this handsome little helper. How cute is he????
 Love my babies! They put a smile on my face everyday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So, after 17 years, 3 kids, and lots and lots of memories, my best friend decided to finally tie the knot! Love both of these guys and their kiddos with all my heart. I have been priveleged enough to be a part of her life since we were in 6th grade, and she has been by my side and i by hers since then. I have been lucky enough to be there for all 3 of her babies birth. I have known her hubby since we were in kindergarten, and was able to introduce them our freshman year of high school. Who would of thunk it would of turned into this?
 I am so happy for you guys, love you both Sharie and Jason!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


We have been running around like crazy and seemed to be booked every weekend with SOMETHING. Which means, less time to keep up with my blog. :(
We are all doing good. This weekend is going to be Deakon's 3rd birthday and birthday party. I can't believe my little guy is going to be 3! This guy is such a handful, and I honestly feel sorry for whoever gets him in his kindergarten class. :) He loves loves loves to test the limits, and can't wait for you to look away so he can get in to something, or climb on something, or jump off something. Not sure if all little boys are like this, but mine sure is! Nothing like his sweet sisters, but he is still a sweet momma's boy when he wants to be. And I love that!

Last weekend we had Sharies Bachelorette Party. Lots of fun! I picked up her and a few other girls and we headed to the Gaylord at 3, checked in our room and then headed to Paradise Springs. Paradise Springs is the water park at the Gaylord, and that place is pretty cool. We floated the lazy river land the girls had a few buckets of beer before we headed back to the room to shower and get ready. Once we were ready, we headed down to Texan Station for dinner and drinks and to meet the rest of the group. From there, we took a shuttle to the Glass Cactus, which was fun in itself! I could rode the shuttle all night long!  It was  good time, and I think Sharie had a good time too. She was able to get on stage with Le Freak and dance. I do think she was payinf for it come Sunday though. :)

Anyway, thought I would share a few pics from recently.
 For somre reason, when i want them to say cheese, they are tempted to lean there head back! LOL
 My little man be his preppy little self, minus the hat he had on. :)
 Sissy went out of town to the coast with Grannie and Pop Pop, so Bubba decided he needed a pink cart because that is what sissy would want! Silly boy!
 My little guys heading off for the day!

Some of the girls for the bachelorette party!
 Riding the bus to the Glass Cactus! Yes, you can drink on the shuttle!
 Me and the Bride to be!

My dress for the wedding. :)

 And another group shot! The big day will be here for these guys before you know it. Finally getting married after 16 years!!! Sheesh!!!

Hope everyone is having fabulous week and has a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Overload Update....

Hmmmm, well lets see. Lots going on at our house. Like usual! But mainly we have been working on redoing our kitchen. Which i absolutely am loving at the moment. It turned out so different from what it was before.
Here is what it looked like before. Ugghhhh!

And here is the after, soooooo much better!!! We redid the cabinets, the counter tops, repainted the walls,and added an island\table. It is so much roomier and i love it so much better. All in all, it cost about $300.00 for the makeover, thanks to DIY stuff!!

Love it!

Next I am working on my bathroom. It has been the same since we moved in the house, and well its time for a change! So, hopefully, i will have pics for that soon.

Also going on in our world, Deakon's tubes fell out of his ears about a month ago. Well, a week ago, thursday night, he comes into my room screaming at like 1 in the morning, saying that his ear hurts. FABULOUS! I took him in to see Dr. Shori on friday and poor guy had a double ear infection, allergies, and PINK eye. :(  Poor baby. He hasn't been sick one single time in the last 18 months that he has had his tubes in. I am really hoping that this is an isolated issue and that the ears aren't going to continue to be a problem. We got some meds in him an I am hoping he is going to start feeling better soon. He is still a happy camper and still as hyper as can be.

I love his cheesy smile, this is what i get when i ask him to smile. :)

We had Farren's party this weekend and she wanted to play Minute to Win it Games, with her colors for the party in red and black, and a zombie cake. None of which go together!!! But we made it work and she loved her cake. This guy must of died playing Minute to Win it! lol

In other new stuff, honey got a new tattoo. He and Kyle used to love Five Finger Death Punch, and they loved the cover of one of there albums, so he decided to get that. He is in love with it, and I must admit, I love my tatted up man. :)

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great week, thats a little update on us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I missed this post a few days back, we have been remodeling our kitchen and a few other projects around the house, and well, I forgot to put this up. Farren turned 15 on the 9th. O......M......G!!!!! Where in the world has the time gone? I still blows my mind that she is 15. She is literally almost the age i was when i had her, ha! Anyway, she has turned in to quite the little lady. I love her and her personality and her humor. She definitely has her dads sense of humor, I only wish he was here to share that with her. I see ALOT of him in her the older she gets. I love that she loves her momma too, and well she looks exactly like me. She is a excellent combination of the two of us. She doesn't mind helping me around the house, or with the kids, or with laundry, or what ever it may be. And she loves to play video games with Chris. Her grades are good, and she is athletic and happy. I love the person she is growing in to. I couldn't ask for a better daughter. So, it preperation for her next birthday when she will be able to drive, we got her this......
Holy moly, her first car! I can't believe we even have to think about this. She loves it, but has a ways to go driving wise. We have been taking her at night a few times a week. And although we have a ways to go, she has improved volumes since that first day! lol! Its an older model, but I think its perfect for a first car. We did go eat hibachi and go to a movie for her birthday but we are having her party this weekend. We had to put it off a couple weeks with the majority of my family being in Hawaii. So, hopefully we will get lots of pics from that.
 Love you baby girl, I hope you had an awesome birthday!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Finally, after a long rode, the braces are GONE and she couldn't be happier. :)

And a pic of both of us, so we can hear how much we look alike. :)))
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Company Picnic....

This weekend we had my company picnic at a place in Burleson called Mainstay Farms. This place was so neat!!! 100 foot slide, mazes, bounce house in the ground, fishing pond, playground, go carts, donkeys to feed, lots and lots of fun! The kids loved it. My company made burgers and hot dogs, and had chips and drinks. Deakon ended up winning a drawing for a basket of goodies for kids!!! They were so excited about all there new stuff, and momma was excited about her new laundry basket. =)

Anyway, we had lots of fun, and daddy got home friday, so we all in all we had a good weekend. I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

~Baby Girl being silly~

~Little man packing some heat with his new guns!~