Thursday, June 28, 2012

Overload Update....

Hmmmm, well lets see. Lots going on at our house. Like usual! But mainly we have been working on redoing our kitchen. Which i absolutely am loving at the moment. It turned out so different from what it was before.
Here is what it looked like before. Ugghhhh!

And here is the after, soooooo much better!!! We redid the cabinets, the counter tops, repainted the walls,and added an island\table. It is so much roomier and i love it so much better. All in all, it cost about $300.00 for the makeover, thanks to DIY stuff!!

Love it!

Next I am working on my bathroom. It has been the same since we moved in the house, and well its time for a change! So, hopefully, i will have pics for that soon.

Also going on in our world, Deakon's tubes fell out of his ears about a month ago. Well, a week ago, thursday night, he comes into my room screaming at like 1 in the morning, saying that his ear hurts. FABULOUS! I took him in to see Dr. Shori on friday and poor guy had a double ear infection, allergies, and PINK eye. :(  Poor baby. He hasn't been sick one single time in the last 18 months that he has had his tubes in. I am really hoping that this is an isolated issue and that the ears aren't going to continue to be a problem. We got some meds in him an I am hoping he is going to start feeling better soon. He is still a happy camper and still as hyper as can be.

I love his cheesy smile, this is what i get when i ask him to smile. :)

We had Farren's party this weekend and she wanted to play Minute to Win it Games, with her colors for the party in red and black, and a zombie cake. None of which go together!!! But we made it work and she loved her cake. This guy must of died playing Minute to Win it! lol

In other new stuff, honey got a new tattoo. He and Kyle used to love Five Finger Death Punch, and they loved the cover of one of there albums, so he decided to get that. He is in love with it, and I must admit, I love my tatted up man. :)

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great week, thats a little update on us.


Rachel said...

i LOVE the kitchen makeover! It looks amazing!

Momma Stuart said...

Thank you lady! :)

K + T = E said...

How did you do your countertops? Do you have a website or something that you used to help you? We want to redo our kitchen.

Momma Stuart said...

Kari, send me your email and i will send you how to do them. It was really easy and super cheap!!!!

K + T = E said...