Friday, December 28, 2012

Poor baby girl....

Well, we have had a rather eventful week. I was off starting last Wednesday, the 19th and thought I would be able to get caught up on house chores and get everything ready for Keagan's 5th birthday party. Sunday, we were to have Christmas with Chris's family. While there, Keagan was playing chase wiht her brother and cousins and fell on her elbow. Deakon came running inside telling me that she broke her elbow!!! She came in, not crying, so I thought for sure there was no way. She just kept saying "Owwww". Poor baby. I decided to go ahead and taker her to the minor ER and have an Xray done. She had a long sleeve shirt on, and didn't want anyone to mess with it much, but, as soon as I got her shirt up, you could tell that it was not normal. :( The doctor from the minor ER said it was definitely broke. Its a supracondylar break. The part of the humerous that makes up your elbow. And advised that he would have to transfer us down to Cooks because more then likely it would need surgery. Poor baby!!! She was such a trooper the whole time!! They did give her a little pain medicine here to help with the pain. Once we got to Cooks, they got her right in and in a room and started to prep her and advisd that she would have to have surgery. They would be putting 2 pins in to reset the bone and then casting it with a split cast to allow room for swelling. Surgery was only about an hour and they said she did fabulous! They said she must have a really high pain tolerance. I don't think the little turkey shed a single tear. They did give her morphine at Cooks and boy was she a little Chatty Cathy. :)
So, we got to go home on late late Sunday, and woke up Christmas Eve to a fever! Ugghhh. Poor baby girl just can't catch a break. We stayed home most of the day and then ventured over to my sisters for our annual christmas eve get together were we bake and play games and wait for christmas morning. Well, Keagans fever just kept rising. We tried everything we could think of to accomodate her and her fever, and the poor thing was just miserable. Finally, we caved around 1 in the morning and went back to the minor ER. They did a flu test and told us it takes 15 minutes. He was back 5 minutes later saying that it was already positive. The doctor went ahead and wrote me and my parents scripts too and put refills on them for anyone else we have been around. And off back to the house we went. Thank you so much for my parents and family! Because, there is no way i would of made it through that night without them. Sure enough, i woke up feeling like i was hit by a truck. Luckily, my awesome step dad ran around till 4 in the morning getting all the scripts filled and finding pharmacies that were 1) open and 2) had the tamiflu. So, i started on mine right away. We left my sistes and got home since we were not going to be able to enjoy any Christmas festivies. My father in law came over to play doctor and stayed with us till yesterday to get us better. Bless his heart! I sure have an amazing family, to put themselves in harms way of getting sick to take care of us. Hopefully, we are all on the mend and getting better. Because, we have a big big party to throw for a 5 year old. :)
Hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas and has an even better new year!

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